About Us

HOUSE OF JULAHA means abode for weavers!

At house of julaha we aim to provide a roof for Handmade, Sustainable and Artisanal fabrics for women wear .
We curate , design conscious fusion of iconic handblocking on breathable and natural materials using age old textile printing and weaving arts of India like Ajrakhs from Gujrat, Bhujodi weaves from Bhuj, Jamdanis from Bengal and Dhaka, Handblocking from bagru, sanganer are assembled to promote sustainable and slow fashion.

We aim to make these ancient arts of weaving and blocking popular enough to find its place in every indian’s wardrobe!

Each of our product is made by extremely talented artists who are maestros in thier fields since generations .

Each article created by us is result of dedicated efforts of weeks which goes behind its making and are made with great craftsmanship skills.

We also aim to educate our fellow countrymen and world about the efforts, skill, story which goes behind in making each masterpiece.