Hi , My name is Ritu and I am founder of House of Julaha.

I work with artisans who are extremely talented to make beautiful handwoven fabrics,hand-blocking arts and are flag bearers of handloom industry.

We work with communities of weavers and artisans using the gifted skill sets of cloth weaving and creating handcrafted textile arts like ajrakh, bagh, sanganeri , tie an dye primarily using a lot of natural dyes made from flowers, roots , shoots, peels,berries , jaggery, turmeric and rust to make sustainable eco friendly clothing.
Making our products takes utmost skills and layered with lots of love and emotions.

We have an bold vision to take Indian handcrafted and sustainable clothing to each home of India and reach international buyers too.

I would like you to join this journey with thousands of artisans who are breaking barriers on daily basis to take legacy of handwoven fabrics and handblocking from India to world!